Pre-Baby Budgeting

Having a baby is one of the most transformational experiences in a person’s lifetime. Bringing a baby into the world is a long-term adventure that changes almost every aspect of how you live. It’s only natural for nerves to kick as the mind churns with thoughts of what needs to be done before the baby arrives. But rest assured, the financial aspect can be eased considerably with some preparation. There are many tactics to ensure stability for your family and your baby’s future. Your brain is most likely going in many different directions as you consider the economics of adding a person to your family. Here is a comprehensive list of best budgeting practices.



Pre-registering for costly investments can help alleviate the stress you would feel when trying to do so after the baby is born. For instance, before the baby arrives, you could begin to evaluate your health insurance policy in relation to the baby. You will most likely be able to add the baby to your current insurance policy, whether it is private or through your employer. As you do your research on your health insurance plan, you can calculate what your out-of-pocket expenses will be; childbirth is usually covered in part by health insurance. You can also think about other essentials that need to be covered. You can sign up for a baby registry in case friends and family want to give you necessary material items such as diapers and formula. And while your thoughts might be centered around baby décor, clothes, and toys, consider starting a 529 account or separate checking or savings bank account as an avenue to save for your child’s college and future.

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Start Creating A Budget

Ally is a company that provides information on how to shift your perspective from thinking finances are complicated to simple. In their article “Budgeting for Baby: Get Financially Ready for Your New Addition,” they explain in easily understandable terms how a budget might change after the baby comes. They advise future parents to split their present budget and savings after creating a list of current expenses and costs while also anticipating possible life changes. It is also recommended by Ally to start working on paying down your debt if you have any, to positively influence your budget.

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Baby Checklist

Below is a comprehensive checklist to help you prepare for your baby’s arrival. You might not want everything on the list, but it includes basically anything you would need in a variety of categories like nursery, feeding, bath, clothing, safety, diapering, and care items.

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Additional Information

Many of these websites have additional information such as how to save for a baby, how to review your insurance and maternity/paternity leave from work, and how to estimate and acquire everything you need for parenthood. By preparing as much as you can ahead of time, you’ll be able to better relax and enjoy this incredibly momentous occasion.