The saying “eat to live not live to eat” speaks true especially when you look at food as being fuel for the body. After pregnancy and giving birth, food is a huge component of overall health and well being. Psychologically, losing baby weight tends to be a common goal and sometimes can be a bit of a distraction when making food choices. Post pregnancy, recovery from postpartum becomes a high priority and certain foods can help guide the transformation of the body. 

Guide To Postpartum Healthy Eating 

There are many diets that help with weight, fitness, and shaping specific body parts. Just like there are new lifestyle choices to adjust to a specific diet, the same is true for postpartum eating. In this featured article, choosing meals from all food groups is the medicine for the body. Numerous diets say to cut out the carbs, but not this one! Individual bodies are unique and on this website they differentiate and define this fact as it relates to nutrition. Across the board, caffeine, calorie, and sugar intake should be watched  and thirst needs to be quenched often. Hydration is super important. The article mentions continuing prenatal vitamins, avoiding a high quantity of fish because of its mercury, and alcohol if breastfeeding. It goes into deeper detail about breastfeeding and nutrition. Topics like possible mental health repercussions, the part hormones play in all of this, and how to keep a healthy body and mind are analyzed. Towards the end, there is a picture of a diet plan at the very end. There are many food options to choose from for a healthy lifestyle with your new baby.

Post Pregnancy Super Foods 

Webmd has a reputation for being a credible and educational source on what does the body and mind good. This article really delves into why certain foods are nutritious and how they specifically interact with the body. They take foods like salmon and detail the delicious pros and partial cons of eating it. There is a difference between those seeking nutrition if they are breastfeeding and if they are not so they allocate their advice for both dietary needs. Fruits like blueberries and oranges are good for the body along with dairy products, brown rice, eggs and legumes. Getting in those whole wheat grains from bread and cereal will lead to a healthy heart because they are rich in antioxidants. The article delivers on how vitamins, folic acid and fiber are significant in maintaining a healthy body post pregnancy. It concludes with how a new Mom should make sure to keep up with eating greens and staying super hydrated.

New Mom Wellness and Diet Needs 

As energy naturally declines with a new baby, what nutrients are consumed can provide a consistent boost that is long lasting. This does not only apply to what is eaten right after having the baby, but for an even longer period of time post baby. This article focuses on how protein, iron, and fiber have healing properties. The body is going through many changes physically, mentally, and emotionally. What is put into the body can have a positive impact on how the body is evolving. There is a section for those who are breastfeeding and how Omega 3 fatty acids, iodine, Vitamin D, and water are integral for a postpartum diet. These nutrients are catered to physical healing of scars as well from a C-section. It is relayed in the article that what one eats is directly going to the baby if breastfeeding is part of their diet. The second part of the article speaks to how exercise, staying rested, alongside a well balanced diet. There is a bit in there about weight loss too if that is a goal.